About Us

ANSJSS International is a family based firm having two partners, with 15+ years working experience in marketing, sales and after sales support service.  

We have recently started our marketing expertise in 2019. We have a wide range knowledge of various products in

  • Electrical,
  • LED Lighting,
  • Electronics,
  • Computers,
  • Printing Materials,
  • Stationery Products 
  • Solar Products
  • Advertising Products

Our have experience in marketing and promoting a wide range of products 

  • Accounting Software and ERP Solutions. 
  • Solar Powered Laptops & Student learning kits
  • Solar house systems, Solar Waste Compactors & Solar water heaters
  • Wind and Solar Powered Generators
  • Solar Auto Rickshaw, Solar Exhaust Fans and Solar Waste Compactors
  • Interior design and furniture, cabinets using LED Lights for offices
  • Plants growing Solar LED Lights container, container house, mobile house and portable housing
  • Events and Exhibitions Stands, Fittings with Advertising boards
  • Website Designing, Advertising and Marketing Services
  • Tourism Promotion with Handicrafts and Gift Article Sales
  • Branding Products for Wholesale and Retail Markets
  • Project Maintenance and Consulting services
  • Vehicle Tracking Software and Equipment

We also have 5+ years in servicing Laptops and Electronic devices.